April 12, 2016

Past Events

We’ve had some good times together.  If you are in any of these pictures, then we owe you a big thank you for contributing to our fun.  If you’re not in any of these pictures, you’re missing out (or maybe you were the person taking pictures, so thanks).

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Kickoff Party Jan 2016

We kicked off our club in uptown style at the downtown Arts District Brewing Co in Los Angeles. Likely the largest gathering of Lotus cars in Los Angeles, we had around 30 members come out to enjoy some beer tasting flights and meet fellow Lotus lovers.


Malibu Drive March 2016

20 something Lotus drivers descended on the Santa Monica mountain roads and downshifted in tunnels while we made a morning of driving to lunch.


Cars and Coffee Lotus of West Covina February 2016

Pastries were eaten, Lotus Evora 400 purchases were discussed.