December 12, 2015

Join Us

Welcome to the Lotus Club of Southern California . . . or welcome to thinking about joining The Lotus Club of Southern California. If you’re here, you’re on the right track to making a great decision.

As a member of our club (which is actually an affiliate chapter of the Golden Gate Lotus Club), you’ll be a part of one of the largest, oldest, and most active communities of Lotus enthusiasts in the world. You’ll receive “The Chapman Report” six times per year, and you’ll have access to all of our (and the GGLC’s) track events, autocrosses, and tech sessions at the discounted member rate. Plus, we hold a number of other free Lotus events for members only, and organize countless meet ups, drives, and cars and coffee type events around Southern California.

Our annual dues are only $25 (for members in the USA and Canada, $30 for international members) but knowing that your membership fees support the LCoSC and GGLC’s web sites and the Chapman Report On-Line is priceless. Our web presence is a tremendous service to Lotus enthusiasts around the globe and is a permanent resource for technical knowledge and Lotus related news.

You can use the form below to join today. Just be sure to select “Lotus Club of Southern California” as your local chapter. If you’re already a member of the GGLC, you can add your Southern California affiliation by simply emailing the GGLC Membership Director (

***After you complete your Paypal transaction, you might end up at the Golden Gate site, or you might end up back here, still looking at Step 2. Don’t panic, once Paypal has your money, you’re a member. You’ll get a confirmation email anywhere from an hour to a day later depending on how our membership guy’s track day is going.