We’re Hiring (sort of)

Hello Everyone! The Lotus Club of SoCal is looking for some folks to help out with the club activities. No pay (but prestige), no real perks (well, maybe some perks), must be self-motivating and able to attend most monthly Board meetings on Saturday morning of the 2nd Saturday of the month. Message us (or reply[…]

Crumb Vacuuming 101 – A LCOSC Event

This whole Southern California chapter thing has been going on for a few months now, and you know what? I think it’s going to work.   The turnout for our first official drive was thrilling! We had 20+ Lotus cruising through the canyons in Malibu and we only managed to make one wrong turn and[…]

Starting to Make Waves Down South

Things are moving along quite nicely down here. . . I mean, not on the freeway, but in the Lotus Club, we’re all good.   Our kickoff event at the brewery was a wild success. We had 20 something cars come out, somehow carrying 40+ people, and it was an all around great time. A[…]

Mom, are we there yet?

Welcome to our new post, on our new website, for our new club! We’re all very excited to be working on what will certainly be one of the greatest car clubs of all time. ┬áSo far we’ve had a few meetings and sent a few emails, and we all agree that we’re going to make[…]