Crumb Vacuuming 101 – A LCOSC Event

This whole Southern California chapter thing has been going on for a few months now, and you know

what? I think it’s going to work.


The turnout for our first official drive was thrilling! We had 20+ Lotus cruising through the canyons in

Malibu and we only managed to make one wrong turn and upset one very passionate van driver. Van

guy, if you’re reading this, we discussed it at great length over lunch. We’re not sure what we did, but

we’re sorry.


We also had a great day with the GGLC crew at Buttonwillow, and an awesome event down at Sector

111, and as all Lotus drivers know, it’s really important to keep that momentum going. So we decided

to make our next event an epic one.

If you’re in So Cal and you’re into cars, you’re likely familiar with the Supercar Sunday event in

Woodland Hills. Well, we had a quick chat with the organizers of the show and May 22nd will be the

official Lotus Marque day.


Of course, we know you’ll all be heading to Woodland Hills in the morning because Supercar Sunday is a

great show, but since you’re already out this way, you might as well get in a quick canyon carving

session, right? And it just so happens that the best, super high end detail shop, Lavaggio, sits right next

to the end of a great canyon route, so why not stop in for a tech session and lunch.

That’s right. Car Show, Canyon Run, Detail Class, and Lunch. Pretty epic car day that you wouldn’t want

to miss, right? The Supercar Sunday show is enormous, and open to everyone. The show starts at 7 am

and we encourage you to get there not too long after that, just so you can park in the designated Lotus

section at the front of the show. After the show, we’ll pull out for our quick canyon run and end up at

Lavaggio for our tech session and our lunch. This is all free — yes even the lunch — however, the drive

and Lavaggio portions of the event are going to be limited to LCOSC/GGLC members and guests of

members and we will require registration for this part of the event on our site, Please enter

the member code “CHAPMAN” to prove your GGLC and/or LCOSC affiliation. By the way, I heard a rumor

about detailing gift certificates too.


We’re also looking forward to an Esprit build tech session on May 21st, an Angeles National Forest drive

on June 25th, and we’ve got a bunch of other stuff in the works as well. Just check out the events page

at for the most up to date info, and we’ll see you in traffic!