Starting to Make Waves Down South

Things are moving along quite nicely down here. . . I mean, not on the freeway, but in the Lotus Club,

we’re all good.


Our kickoff event at the brewery was a wild success. We had 20 something cars come out, somehow

carrying 40+ people, and it was an all around great time. A major thanks to everyone in attendance,

especially the group that drove almost two hours from the high desert to join us. The vibe was really

positive and it turns out there are more than a few people who are pretty excited about an active Lotus

Club in Socal.


Doing our best to keep the momentum going, we had a meet up at Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills

which brought out a dozen or so members. The best part was that we caught the attention of the event

organizers, and we’re now discussing an official Supercar Sunday Lotus Marque day for sometime in the

summer. It looks like this will be an event you won’t want to miss.


In the meantime, we’ll keep showing up every Sunday (especially the first Sunday of every month) and

checking out the 500 or so cars from Studebakers to McLarens, hot rods, rat rods, street racers, an

occasional helicopter, oh, and last week there was a Hyundai Sonata. It was black.

We’re also easy to find each Saturday at the Cars and Coffee event in Aliso Viejo. This is an opportunity

to see a lot of great cars that your friends from other parts of the country only get to see on the



In other Cars and Coffee news, Lotus of West Covina hosted our club at their dealership. We had a great

time eating pastries and trying to keep the crumbs out of the Evora 400. The drool, on the other hand,

could not be controlled. Even more exciting was the discussion of the great guys at Lotus of West

Covina inviting us to an incredible private racetrack, which just happens to be the home of the US wing

of the Lotus Driving Academy, and a track that you can’t get on without an invitation. Look for the

invitation, hopefully in April.


Looking forward:


We’re quite excited about our joint track day with the rest of you GGLCers at Buttonwillow.

We’re also planning our standing monthly meeting which will act as our town hall. We’ll try our best to

make sure everyone gets to sit in lots of traffic as we move the meeting around Southern CA each

month. This will be a mid week chance for every SoCal member to come together and tell us what they

want from their club. Except for Tom. He told us he wants a bikini car wash, and we don’t want to see

him in his bikini.


However, bikinis will be acceptable for our March 26th drive through the Santa Monica Mountains and

Malibu. While the route isn’t public as of yet, it will be in that area and in the am hours.

We’re also working on another welcome event. To complement the loud music and draft beer thing we

did in January, this event will be on a rooftop, with wine, cocktails and h’ordeuvres. It will be a gathering

in downtown Los Angeles geared for the gentleman driver that may or may not be hiding somewhere

inside of us.


As always, check the events page of or our Lotus Club of So Cal Facebook group for more info.

See you in traffic!