The South Rises Again! (Not Really, Don’t Worry)

With the power of a handful of emails and the magic of a few weekend breakfasts, a new chapter of the

Golden Gate Lotus Club has been formed. The Lotus Club of Southern California (LCoSC) is now active

and accepting new members throughout the southern part of the state.


Since Los Angeles just got a day and a half of rain and the temp dropped below 60 for a bit, we figure

we’re through the rough patch and we should have about a 360 or so days of prime Lotusing weather

ahead of us. The club’s kickoff event will be held on January 30th at the Arts District Brewing Co in

downtown Los Angeles (check the events page for details and updates) so be sure to sign up



During the rest of our sunny days, further events will be spread throughout the OC, the IE, SD, the

Valley, and many other abbreviated places which only make sense to those of us down here. Folks in

the bay area may not know, but we’ve got at least a few good miles of PCH, lots of mountain roads,

Willow Springs, Chuckwalla, the Thermal Club, and the Fontana Speedway all right in our back yard.

We’re even working in conjunction with the GGLC team to co host a track day in a place we totally

consider Northern CA called Buttonwillow.


Also, since we are in the car culture capital of the world, we have basically countless opportunities to

meet up with a few fellow Lotus enthusiasts at Cars and Coffee events, charity car shows, autocrosses

and local drives. See, Southern California is more than just a good place to throw on a bikini for a quick

escape from the fog.


So, if you’re in Southern CA and you want to be part of the action, please join us. If you’re already a

member of the GGLC, all you have to do is email your membership director (Dave) and let him know you

want to declare your affiliation. If you’re not yet a GGLC member, what are you waiting for? Sign up

online and just be sure to click the little SoCal box when you do.


As a new club, there are plenty of opportunities for members to be as involved as they would like to be.

Our current officers only number about a half dozen, so we encourage anyone who would like to step up

and be on the inaugural team to contact the LCoSC president, Jared Northrop, by email at or reach out to us through our website, You can also keep up

with us on Twitter and Instagram (@LotusClub_SoCal) or our Facebook Group (Lotus Club of So Cal). See

you in traffic!