What in the Harmonic Balancer are We Getting Ourselves Into?

Today is the day that we go live with our new club! After a few breakfast meetings and a handful of email chains we feel like we have enough of this club stuff figured out to invite the world to join us.

Right now, our core group is about a half dozen and we’re doing our best to juggle all the spanners (Lotus-speak for wrenches) we need to build the frame of a car club. As we start to add all the shiny, go fast bits, we’re going to need some help. If you want to be involved in any capacity, please let us know.

Our first goals will be to grow our membership and reward those new members with a good time. That means we need help getting the word out and encouraging Lotus enthusiasts from all around Southern California to drop a few quid (Lotus-speak for 25 bucks) and sign up for our club. We encourage anyone with a love for Lotus to share our website, our Facebook page, our Instagram, and our Twitter with anyone who will listen.  Rest assured that we’ll do our best to reward your efforts with a cool “Welcome to the Club” event and a lifetime of Lotus fun.