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The Lotus Club for Owners who don't know the meaning of "winter storage"

The Lotus Club of Southern California represents Lotus owners and enthusiasts from the car culture capital of the world. With hundreds of miles of mountain roads, the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway, numerous tracks, and year long sunshine, there's no better place on earth to drive a Lotus. Our members and events stretch from San Diego all the way up north until we hand it over to our big brother, the Golden Gate Lotus Club. As a proud affiliate of one of the oldest and largest Lotus clubs in the world, our chapter was founded in 2015 to combine the efforts of multiple, local groups and individuals who enjoy all things Lotus. We invite you to join us at the track, in the mountains, on the beach, at the coffee shop, in the garage, or even sitting in traffic on the 405. Because no matter where you are, it's always better to be there with a few Lotus!

Our Board Members

As a new club, our founding members are working hard to build a great foundation which will bring many years of Lotus excitement to Southern California. Feel free to thank them with tire donations, carbon fiber, 5W 30, or even just a thumbs up when you see them at the next event.

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The Backseat Driver

Even though most of us don't have backseats, our resident backseat driver has something to say.

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